Korean Legal Translation

Do you need Korean translations of legal documents?

If your law firm regularly conducts business overseas, you are likely to be in need of legal document translations. And our legal document translation services can be a powerful tool in making sure the documentation you send and receive is translated quickly and accurately.

By calling upon TOPPAN Digital Language, you can be sure that you are working with a leading legal document translations company, and one that truly understands the importance of providing accurate translations for legal purposes.

The importance of a competent Korean legal document translation agency

As legal documentation can involve dealings between major corporations and significant sums of money, it is vital that their translations are carried out to a high level so as to ensure that they read with the same accuracy and nuances as the originals.

Having worked for some of the leading names in the legal industry, we have developed an expertise that ensures that the legal documents you send across the world have been translated accurately.

Ensuring the quality of your legal document translations

Our Korean legal-document translation service is about much more than just taking the text on a document and translating it word for word. Such documentation often means legally binding contracts and valuable pieces of information, so it is imperative that those carrying out the translations know exactly what is required of them.

Thus, when it comes to the translation of legal documents, we employ the services of only those Korean translators and other staff with the legal experience and expertise required. Furthermore, every member of the team on your account is briefed to know everything needed about the case.

Legal-document translations can sometimes involve highly sensitive information, but you do not need to worry about this being compromised. Our systems are protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology, and our team of staff and linguists all sign confidentiality agreements.

Additionally, should you have your own non-disclosure agreements, we are willing to sign those for your peace of mind.

TranslateMedia: providing expert Korean legal-document translations

Of course, each law firm has its own areas of specialisation, and we understand that your legal translation needs will vary. However, we too have expertise in a variety of legal areas, including dispute resolution and European regulation and insurance.

We also specialise in intellectual property, private equity, real estate and tax, so you can be sure that we will deliver a skilful service. As such, we can meet any particular requirements that you may have when it comes to legal document translations.

With many years of experience in providing expert translation services, you can be sure that we offer accurate and quick turnarounds on any legal document translations that you require. Our sales and project management teams are available 24 hours a day, and our expertise in the field means that we can also recognise when any special procedures need to be followed.

And as we are members of the Association of Translation Companies and the American Translators Association, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are dealing with a respected and reputable organisation.

For more information about Korean legal-document translations, please get in touch. Our team of experts are happy to provide answers to any questions you may have, while you may also find our FAQ page to be useful.


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