Multimedia Translation

We provide a range of translation services for the media and entertainment industries – including subtitling, voice-over and dubbing services.

We’ve worked with media and entertainment organisations all over the world to deliver multimedia translations, particularly in the form of subtitling and voice-overs, in over 250 languages.

With the entertainment and media industries increasingly looking to attract customers in overseas markets. And with the huge increase in the use of video for attracting and engaging with customers online – there’s been an increase in the demand for subtitling, voice-over, dubbing and lip sync services.

TOPPAN Digital Language has a specialist division focusing on multimedia translation services. We’re able to handle a huge range of different audio and video formats and our translation management platform allows for full transparency into the translation and localisation process – regardless of the format.


Subtitling is an essential part of the production process for many films, TV programmes, documentaries and advertisements intended for global audiences. There are two main types of subtitling: intra-lingual and inter-lingual. Intra-lingual subtitling is subtitling done in the same language while inter-lingual subtitling is in another language. We have teams of subtitling experts who are capable of performing both types of subtitling.

Subtitling involves more than simple translation. The process requires a high level of technical knowledge and keen attention to detail to ensure that the message conveyed can be understood by audiences, regardless of the source and target languages.

Our approach to selecting the right linguists to work on the subtitling for your project and industry niche – allows us to provide high quality subtitling services in over 250 languages.

Voice over

Sometimes the process of localisation of multimedia assets will require voice overs – particularly for documentaries and corporate videos.

Voice over services, while not requiring the same level of precision involved in dubbing or subtitling, need to follow a time sequence and have the right voice to accompany the video. This means casting the right voice over artist for the particular type of content being produced. And casting can be extremely difficult. The problem with inexperienced voice over agencies is that they fail to cast the right artist for the job and this results in poor quality voice overs that don’t fit the content or medium or resonate with the target audience.

At TOPPAN Digital Language, we have years of experience providing voice-over services and will work with your business to ensure the highest quality output for your multimedia content.

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