Arabic Website Translation

Our experience in translating websites and web content from Arabic is vast, and our processes mean we can do this efficiently and accurately.

Web content is increasing exponentially, and systems for producing dynamic, localised Arabic content that changes according to the viewer are becoming ever more complex.

We have developed strategies to deal with translations for all Arabic websites and web content, whether that be translating a small website from Arabic all the way through to translating newly authored content inside CMS systems into 35 languages. And we can do this each day – on the fly.

The variety of digital content that we translate means that we have to be flexible and think innovatively in order to give our clients the most suitable service. Some clients have small amounts of high-value text for translation regularly. Others have one-off translation requirements that are vast.

We look at each client’s requirements and then advise on the most suitable approach, applying suitable technology to be as efficient as possible.

Click here to read a case study on how we came up with a novel approach to save an online retailer a great deal of time and money on a huge translation project

We have specialist teams of Arabic linguists in various fields and competences. They each have experience and expertise within their individual industries, and we assign them to work specifically according to their skill sets.

Although the majority of our Arabic interpreters and translators are located in the Middle East, we have many Arabic linguists dispersed around the rest of the globe also. Together with our global project-management presence, this means that we can be of tremendous service to you when dealing with tight turnaround requirements. Below are just some of the website and other digital translation services we offer in Arabic.

Arabic SEO Translation

We have experience in providing brands and agencies with search engine optimisation (SEO) services for the Arabic language. SEO is a hugely important strategy for brands and one that is becoming increasingly difficult to master as Google becomes more sophisticated in its attempts to root out spammers.

Google has recently started to target spam in different languages and territories, and Arabic is one of the languages that it is actively looking in its bid to identify and eliminate spam. Our SEO translation services are ethical and don’t violate Google’s guidelines, ensuring that your Arabic language website is well optimised for search engines but still reads well for regular web users. This is done by extensive keyword research and going through the structure of your site, checking for everything: from the appropriate use of canonical URLs and hreflang alternate tags to whether your site is targeting the correct geographical region. We have a team of talented Arabic SEO professionals who are used to writing content for Arabic speakers and are well versed in the latest SEO techniques.

Arabic PPC translation

We regularly receive work translating pay-per-click advertising campaigns for our clients. Typically, Google Adwords is the preferred platform for PPC translation. PPC translation is often challenging for Arabic since it is a double-byte language and therefore the character limits are around half of those for single-byte languages. To successfully translate your PPC campaign from your local language to Arabic, you need to use synonyms and other related words to allow you to deliver the same message while adhering to Google’s character limits for Adwords advertising. Our team has lots of experience with this so you won’t have to worry about doing this yourself.



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