Translations for (JingDong Mall) Stores

For brands and retailers eyeing up the Chinese market, a quick an easy solution to gaining exposure and building a loyal customer base is to list their products in online marketplaces. And is one of the largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume.

The popularity of has soared to a record high. Although Alibaba’s Tmall still dominates the Chinese market when it comes to B2C, (or Jingdom Mall as it’s otherwise known) is quickly closing the gap.

With over 118 million active customers accounts and over 60,000 sellers, is a place that entrepreneurs and brands looking to enter the Chinese market cannot afford to ignore.

We can help you penetrate the Chinese market by translating your webstore into any regional version of Chinese, allowing you to offer a high-quality customer experience in this huge, profitable market.

How TOPPAN Digital Language can help you with your store

Translating a webstore into another language requires a lot of care and attention, with a key focus on creating engaging messages. With so many products to choose from and a huge number of your competitors’ products all sitting side by side, you need to ensure that your product is the one that stands out.

Different products require different marketing messages and your brand should focus on delivering the message that is most likely to resonate with your target audience.

For example, use eye-catching, high-quality imagery for your products and write short product descriptions that are engaging and inviting. Focusing on the needs of the customer, rather than the features of the product is likely to deliver a higher conversion rate. And for this, it’s best to work with a native, in-country linguist with Chinese copywriting experience.

It also makes sense to use to test the Chinese market’s appetite for your products. If you find that certain products are selling well, then these could form part of your organisation’s core offering when expanding into the country with your own localised website.

TOPPAN Digital Language will help you optimise your translations at every stages in your organisation’s expansion strategy – ensuring that users can find your products, and select your products over those of your competitors. Aside from selecting the most appropriate imagery and developing unique and engaging content that is indexed for the most popular key terms in local markets. We can also help with:

  • Banners and headlines
  • Product descriptions
  • Delivery and returns
  • Checkout content
  • FAQs
  • Customer emails
  • Keyword research for SEO and PPC purposes
  • PPC ads translation
  • T&Cs

Why TOPPAN Digital Language?

Cater to both users and search engines with top-quality, search-optimised copy.

In the fast-moving world of ecommerce, your copy can make a significant difference to your traffic volumes and conversion rates.

We maintain a high standard of translation quality by working with human translators who are native speakers of the target language and are professionally experienced.
Each translation is then revised by a second linguist with the same qualifications before being delivered by your dedicated Account Manager.

Our Quality Assurance team is aided by best-in-class QA technology that can help us spot and remedy potential issues before delivery.

Hundreds of products? Scaling up? No problem.
Streamline your translations while keeping brand consistency and tone of voice.

We use translation memories to build databases of your translations, highlighting brand terms and noting the style of your documentation while creating glossaries.

This process helps us keeping your tone of voice and brand terms consistent across products and documents and can even results in more cost-effective and faster translations in the event of repeated text across all your projects. Click here to read more about translation memory.

Ecommerce and website localisation expertise

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