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Become one of our expert freelancers

We believe that one of our differentiators is the quality of our linguists.

We invest heavily in great linguistic talent

Our professional linguists are the beating heart of the work we carry out for all our clients. We believe that the best way to ensure excellent results is first and foremost to choose the right linguists. That is why we invest heavily in the continuous search for great linguistic talent. 

Strict vetting process

All of our candidates are vetted based on their education and experience, including their language knowledge and skills in the core competencies required in our specific market sectors.

Prospective linguists are requested to provide at least two industry-related references and are given test translations to ascertain their abilities. Once they pass the initial screening, they enter a probationary period during which all their work is evaluated and graded by our experienced in-house team.

Only the finest and most qualified professionals will be retained and become approved members of our freelance network, while their work will be constantly checked against accuracy, writing quality, thoroughness, and understanding.

" I have been collaborating regularly with Toppan Digital Language for over six years. Their Project Managers are great (and linguists themselves), communication is efficient, and I work on material I love. "

Claudia, Italian Healthcare Linguist

Are you an expert linguist in one of our sectors and service areas?

We have a rigorous selection process but would be pleased to hear from you.