What You Should Expect from a Translation Agency

What You Should Expect from a Translation Agency

Whether you just need a one-off translation or are thinking about establishing an ongoing partnership, here are 5 things you can expect from a professional translation agency.


As a business, it is important that you maintain a certain standard of quality.

However, as in every sector, not all agencies will consistently measure up to that standard. That is why you should entrust your documents to an agency with a good reputation.

How can you know if an agency will meet your expectations? Look at their client lists, have a look at their case studies and read some of their client feedback. ISO certification can also be important.

Remember that a good translation will keep your own customers close, and will portray you as a reliable and serious business.


You are busy. We understand; we are busy too.

When you hire professional translation services, you will start to feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Why? Because you can be sure that from the moment you accept the quote, a competent project manager (PM) will help take care of the rest of the process. They will take it upon themselves to find the right translator and proofreader for your project, putting your needs and specifications first.

You won’t have to worry about deliveries or dealing with the middleman.

Before you know it, the PM will send you back your documents – sometimes even earlier than the agreed deadline!


As we all know, time is money.

And as previously mentioned, by hiring a translation agency, you won’t have to deal with the often time-consuming task of finding a good translator who fits the bill – freeing you up to do what you do best.

With a good translation agency, you can rest assured that they will leverage technology to make the process more cost-effective. Good file preparation and analysis, Translation Memories, and Neural Machine Translation all play a part.


In an ideal world, a specialised translator should take care of your specialised documents.

Translation agencies usually provide specialised services for different fields: market research, technical, medical, legal, literary, etc.

So, when searching for a translation agency, it is important to look at its specialisations and see if they align with your project(s). Avoid generalists who say they can do everything.

Upon picking the right agency for you, you can expect a fluent, well-written translation, which uses the correct terminology, and employs the tone and voice that your speciality requires.


Last but not least, a professional translation agency will communicate seamlessly with you.

The PM will inform you of project costs and usually ask you several questions to understand your requirements. For example, they will ask whether you have a translation memory of previous translations, whether you have reference material or a glossary or style guide you would like the linguists to follow, what your preferred delivery date is, etc.

Moreover, the PM will keep you informed if they spot any issues in your document and make suggestions to improve the quality of the source and target text.

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