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About TOPPAN Digital Language Oil & Gas Translation Service

Founded in 2004, TOPPAN Digital Language is an established leader in global language and translation services and continues to enjoy success thanks to our innovative, efficient, and professional approach. We work with a diverse range of companies servicing the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil & gas industry, applying our translation management expertise and our international network of professional linguists to provide our clients with the highest quality translations.

Our global resources are native speakers with expertise in the Energy industry. From Brazil to China, Russia to the Middle East and down to South Africa, our translators speak the language of both your industry and target region.

Energy Language Services

  • Translation
  • Localisation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Transcription + Translation
  • Translation Memory
  • International SEO
  • Internationalisation
  • Creative Transcreation
  • Voice Over
  • Social Media Monitoring

Areas of Expertise

  • Equipment and Services
  • Exploration and Production
  • Power Generation
  • End Users
  • Industrial
  • Refining
  • Energy Transportation
  • Marketing and Trading
  • Renewables and Utilities
  • Financial, Contractual, Legal, HR

 Quality Above and Beyond

TOPPAN Digital Language is certified ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 17100. These are internationally recognised qualities of excellence.

  • ISO 17100: Specifically set up to solve issues of quality within the translation industry. The certificate sets benchmarks for linguist qualifications, translation workflow and provider/client communication procedures.
  • ISO 9001:2001: Ensures quality assurance processes are clear and that each step of the project is tracked, monitored and scored.

Confidentiality and Security

Our staff and linguists have signed confidentiality agreements and are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements of your own if necessary.

Our systems and technology are protected by 128 bit encryption.

Client Service

Working for an industry is one thing, understanding an industry is completely different. TOPPAN Digital Language offers dedicated Sales and Project Management teams that are industry trained and available 24/7. They understand the documents you require translating and spot when special procedures must be followed.

Technical Translators

At TOPPAN Digital Language we operate on a specific set of rules when it comes to picking your translators. Translators must have five years of industry experience in the sector they are translating and at least three years of translation experience. This principle allows for accurate and problem free translations.

Technology with Benefits

In the 21st century all industries are looking for ways to make their operations safer, easier and cost effective. TOPPAN Digital Language believes that technology can make everyone’s lives easier.

We employ the use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and offer a free portal service that allows you not only to upload and download your translations but actually pull user defined reports on spending and store your translations for up to three months.


We will certify and notarise your translation projects upon request. Our industry credentials and association memberships allow us to issue stamped letters of authenticity. However, certain situations also require involving a notary. It is important to check the level of authentication, if any, required in order that we can provide the appropriate service.

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