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Project Managers

We give you a dedicated Project Manager who will look after every aspect of your work, ensure your translations are done by suitably experienced and qualified people and will quality check all your translations before they are returned to you.

Our Project Managers are seasoned professional linguists, and many are qualified translators themselves. They are are focused on customer service and understanding their clients’ requirements. Having a dedicated Project Manager who acts as a single point of contact offers you a personal relationship with an expert, and more continuity.

Visit our dedicated local translation office pages for more information on our Project Managers.


We work with a large team of fantastically talented translators with diverse skill sets and knowledge. Your Project Manager will hand-pick specific teams of translators for your account and ensure they are fully briefed. This means you get a team picked not only for their language skills but also for their specific understanding and experience of your industry sector.

The team will keep developing further knowledge about your specific needs as they continue to handle your account.

Quality Assurance

We have twice been independently audited and awarded the ISO 17100 standard, the first standard specific to the provision of professional translation services.

We maintain historic data on translators inside their individual profile, linked to individual quality scorecards that are filled out on every translation job, so that we are always highly organised.

Example Translator Profile

Example Translator Profile

Example Revision Scorecard

Example Translation Revision Scorecard


We have developed proprietary translation workflow, translation memory, and online translation editing tools over several years in order to help make the translation process more efficient. Our philosophy is that we should create an environment where our linguists can focus on what they do best. For clients who like online communication, we have a range of tools allowing online ordering, tracking and reporting.


Our translators operate under confidentiality agreements which we can produce on request. Data stored in our systems is protected by Stateful Firewalls in high security data centres.

We use encrypted email where required and document transfers are secured (HTTPS, AES 256 bit encryption support). For unusually highly sensitive material, we have created an secure translation tool which allows translation to occur without the translator downloading the document.


We translate in excess of 3,000,000 words per month and have the capacity to at least triple that with our existing infrastructure. Where large volumes have been required in relatively short time frames, we have come up with innovative solutions to make sure our clients meet their deadlines. Our translation workflow processes are designed to make large complicated projects manageable. We are able to integrate with your workflow or CMS, and we can give you access to our TOPPAN Digital Language APIs to help you deliver the work and receive the translations.


We offer you the best translators and outstanding service levels at fair market rates. Our prices are transparent and can be checked either by using our instant pricing tool on the right-hand side of this page, or by talking to us.

For clients with regular or large volume projects we can offer suitable discounted rates and customised pricing.

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