Punctual Professional Translation

Since deadlines need to be respected

We look after our translators and reward them well, and they know in return that we have clear policies to deal with lateness.

We are disciplined about accepting work with unrealistic deadlines. It’s generally accepted that it is reasonable for one translator to translate 2,000 words per day and revise 6,000 words per day.

When lengthy documents are needed quickly, it’s possible to split the work among multiple translators, but there is an inevitable loss of quality. We do what we can to accommodate our clients needs, but there are times when we have to say it’s not possible to accept a job with an unrealistic deadline.

However, we translate millions of words every month and policies alone aren’t enough. We need systems. We have various systems to speed translations up: our workflow system, particularly for existing clients with pre-selected teams of translators, makes sure that we’re not sitting on work.

Once we’ve got it, there is minimal time before the right translator actually gets to work on it. If you’re a client logging into our portal, you can see the allocation happening in real time. The efficiency of our workflow system also makes it easier for us to monitor the progress of jobs and identify problems while it is still early enough to do something about it.

We also use Translation Memory. In the right circumstances this can have a real impact on turnaround times.

TOPPAN Digital Language is a global translation agency. So, we’re active in all the major time-zones. This means at any time you can get a person on the phone to help you, and we’ve recruited translators in all time-zones, so it’s easier for us to find suitable people out of hours.

Please note that if you are ever expecting to need a translation with a tight deadline, please let us know before the work is ready so we can make sure the translators are ready and free.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you manage urgent translation requests.

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