Web Services

We have a comprehensive set of APIs defined to allow integration of our STREAM Translation System with your CMS or workflow platform.

The functions and methods that we expose are comprehensively documented in our documentation and have been tested for functionality and security.

Connecting your system to STREAM can be advantageous if you have regular volumes of translation requirements, which require quick turnarounds; a website or websites that are highly current and rely on new information, particularly news or data feeds.

Case Study

A large retail group needed help launching ecommerce sites for France and Germany. We created an integration with the following features:

  • Texts submitted for translation directly from within the client’s CMS
  • Translations launched and begun in seconds
  • Translators working online with centralised Translation Memories
  • Delivery directly back into the CMS

Quick turnarounds and high quality was achieved through careful planning, and optimization of the client’s process.

If you would like access to the documentation and login credentials, or more information please contact us.


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