Keep Calm and Carry On in Other Languages

This summer the UK will host a record number of foreign visitors to our shores. To celebrate, we wanted to find something unmistakably British, something that sums up the very spirit of Britishness, to boost the morale of all those visitors and athletes descending on the UK.

And what could be more British than “Keep Calm and Carry On”? So we ‘transcreated’ the original phrase into other languages, using native speakers to keep the spirit of the original while making it meaningful in each country, and reflecting local cultural values.

Here it is, in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish , Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Please feel free to download and share the images. (Secretly, we have a vision of athletes taking home T-shirts, mugs, posters or keyrings of this very British phrase, and sharing the spirit of Keep Calm and Carry On at home…)

Let us know what you think – if you would like us to do a translation for your language that isn’t already included, or if you have comments on the translations we’ve done, please let us know on our Facebook page.

Download High-Res Versions

Keep Calm and Carry On UK


Needs no explanation. The original Keep Calm and Carry On.

Keep Calm and Carry On Brazilian


In Brazilian Portuguese, the slogan translates as “Keep calm and keep your head up!”

Keep Calm and Carry On Italian


Our very favourite, from our Italian colleagues: “I am Italian and I cannot keep calm”

Keep Calm and Carry On Dutch


In Dutch: “Keep calm and persist”

Keep Calm and Carry On Spanish


A more relaxed, if not slightly impractical, approach from the Spanish: “Keep calm and take a nap”

Keep Calm and Carry On Hindi


We think it is rather beautiful in Hindi: “Calm mind, make effort”

Keep Calm and Carry On Russian


In Russian, a rallying cry: “Go ahead and be afraid of nothing!”

Keep Calm and Carry On Turkish


In Turkish: “Keep yourself calm, do whatever you have decided to do without paying attention to what others say”

Keep Calm and Carry On German


Could the German version be poking fun at the Brits in this translation: “To wait and drink tea”?

Keep Calm and Carry On Greek


The spirit of Greece is nicely summed up in the phrase: “Relax and look ahead”?

Keep Calm and Carry On Arabic


And in Arabic

Keep Calm and Carry On French


The French version is very close to the original.

Keep Calm and Carry On Simplified Chinese


In Simplified Chinese, i.e. in Mainland China, the slogan reads: “Keep calm, head on straight”

Keep Calm and Carry On Japanese


The Japanese version focuses more on avoiding panic: “Don’t panic, don’t fuss, don’t be flustered”

Keep Calm and Carry On Vietnamese


In Vietnamese, a steadying: “Be calm to face the situation”

Keep Calm and Carry On Hong Kong


In Traditional Chinese, used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the phrase adds a polite ‘please’: “Please keep calm (and we) should persist till the end”

Keep Calm and Carry On Polish


In Polish the sentiment is rather more definite: “Drown your bug (i.e. sorrows) and carry on.”

Keep Calm and Carry On Korean


In Korean

Keep Calm and Carry On Hebrew


And finally, the Hebrew version which translates as “Be calm, it will be okay”

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