Machine Translation and Post-Editing

For extremely large volumes of text where it wouldn’t be cost-effective to do a full translation, it can make sense to use Machine Translation and then have the output edited by a professional native translator.

Automated translation has a lot of obvious pitfalls and quality problems. We never use Machine Translation without explicitly agreeing this with the client, but we’ve applied this approach where it is obvious that it makes sense and that quality does not suffer.

Using the right tool for the right job is important. Machine Translation works better with some language pairs than others, and it is also worth considering whether the language is particularly technical, and the style and tone required.

Our Project Managers can quickly evaluate your requirements and let you know if Machine Translation & Post-editing is a suitable approach for your translation work. Where it is suitable, the approach can offer significant cost and time savings, but there are other ways to reduce translation costs.

“Sporting Bet have been asking TOPPAN Digital Language to assist in the translation of all our UK promotions into 15 different languages for use across Europe. It is vital we can rely on a swift, and most importantly, accurate translation service to provide ‘localised’ marketing targeted at our European customers, and TOPPAN Digital Language do this to the highest calibre! Thanks guys!”
Rob, Sporting Bet

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