Translations for Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are a great way to enter new markets — allowing you to test how your product will be received by a new audience with a relatively small budget.

In some cases, an online marketplace might be the only way to enter some foreign markets. So, it’s no surprise then that when 200 retailers with revenues over £1.7m were polled  43% of UK retailers stated that around 30% of their online sales came from international marketplaces.

Whichever marketplace and country you are building your presence on, TOPPAN Digital Language can help you translate and adapt your copy into different languages to improve the user experience and the conversion rate of your online stores.

The following are some of the biggest international marketplaces:

Translations for stores

The popularity of has soared to a record high. Although Alibaba’s Tmall still dominates the Chinese market when it comes to B2C, (or Jingdom Mall as it’s otherwise known) is quickly closing the gap.

With over 118 million active customers accounts and over 60,000 sellers, is a place that entrepreneurs and brands looking to enter the Chinese market cannot afford to ignore. [find out more about translating your store]

Translations for Tmall and Tmall Global stores

A great solution to gaining exposure and win customer loyalty in the Chinese market is to list your products in online marketplaces. Tmall is currently China’s biggest B2C online marketplace, with over 307 million active shoppers online.

Translations for Amazon webstores

Language services help Amazon Webstore sellers to reach new markets.
TOPPAN Digital Language provides language and support services for Amazon Webstore sellers. We help you scale your online presence and sell more by translating Webstores into different languages.

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