Landing Page Translation Glossary

Are you creating a multi-lingual landing page or mocking up a website design in a different language? Why use dummy text when you can include the actual text? We’ve created a cheat sheet with the most common terms translated into the “big 4” European languages:  French, Italian, German and Spanish. All the terms have been translated by human translators, so you can have professional-looking, grammatically-correct wireframes to show your client. Feel free to use this glossary for your project, and remember that if you have more complex landing pages or entire websites you need translated, you can get in touch with us by filling in our form here.

Disclaimer Please note we’ve done our best to make the terms in this glossary as generic and accurate as possible; however, make sure the final page gets proofread in context. Also, don’t use the terms in complex sentences as they will need to match the rest of the paragraph in terms of gender and number.

Multilingual Landing Page Glossary


eng fre ita ger spa
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