5 Tactics for Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Translator

5 Tactics for Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Translator

When working as a freelance translator, it is essential to search for new and creative ways to market yourself. Clearly, to sustain itself, your own business will need a steady revenue stream, and the only way to guarantee continued success is to consistently acquire new clients.

Therefore, when marketing yourself to new clients, remember these simple online and offline tips to help promote your translation services:

1. Increase your online presence

It is important to find related forums, blogs, and other online communities in your industry, including those relating to freelancing, and get involved. You can do this by leaving comments on blogs, answering questions in forums, and building a public profile that lists your skills, experience, and contact information.

Finally, do not spam websites. Remember to be helpful and create relationships that may lead to more work.

2. Network through Social Media

Social media networking websites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, are good tools for marketing yourself as a freelancer. It is important to have your own online space to constantly advertise yourself, and you can even invite employers to check out your profile.

3. Always keep business cards

Remember to keep a supply of business cards on you, as you never know when you may meet potential clients. It is also advisable to seek out community leaders by attending networking events to further distribute business cards.

4. Brand yourself

Just as major corporations do, you need to be strong and consistent in the message that you are sending out to your clients.

The more that you relay your message to your audience, the more people will start to think that they need your services. It is important to be creative in how you do this. For example, Adii Pienaar successfully promoted himself as a “WordPress Rockstar”, and is now widely recognised as a leading WordPress designer.

5. Start marketing yourself now!

It is important to remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to marketing yourself as a freelance translator. It may be easier to pick up for some, but the only real way to learn is from mistakes.

The best thing is to always try new things until you discover what works for you.

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