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As of 2017, Brazil is the fourth largest internet market with a user base of 139,111,185, placing penetration around 66 %. Despite the fact that the country has the fourth largest number of internet users in the world, it is ranked 64th in internet penetration for countries in the world. However, the percentage of internet users in Brazil is up 5.1 % since 2015. The country is preceded in user base size by China, India, and the United States.

The Brazilian government has spearheaded rapid development in internet connectivity, resulting in broadband adoption starting from virtually nothing and nearly tripling in the last ten years. It has also concentrated on providing computers to poorer areas of the country in an attempt to bridge the technology gap between rich and poor.

In recent years, major developments have been made in the reach of submarine cables. For example, the South Atlantic Cable Service has increased bandwidth and decreased broadband prices in Angola and Brazil, making broadband more accessible and affordable for more people.

According to a report by We Are Social, as of 2017 122 million people in Brazil are active on social media, which accounts for 87.7 % of all internet users in the country. This number is up 18 % since January of 2016, so it is clear that social media is a rapidly-growing sector in Brazil.

  • Orkut, once the most dominant social network in Brazil, has been overtaken by Facebook
  • Brazil has the third largest Facebook user base in the world, after India and the US
  • Brazil has the third highest number of Google+ users worldwide
  • Almost 18 million people use Twitter, making Brazil the sixth highest user base for Twitter
  • Brazilians spent an average of 3 hours 43 minutes on social media daily in 2017
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