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The Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) share a common cultural heritage, which can be seen in the way people and businesses approach social media. It’s also one of the most connected regions in the world. 95 % of the population of Norway are connected to the internet, making it the fourth most connected country in the world. Sweden follows on its heels with a connectivity rate of 94.8 %, and Denmark came in right after Sweden as the sixth most connected nation, with 94.6 % of the country having access. With these numbers, it’s clear that the region is well-prepared for digital business.

In 2017, there were 3.8 million social network users in Denmark, at 67 % penetration, up 9 % since January of 2016. In the same year, Norway had 3.5 million active social network users, at 66 % penetration, also up 9 % since January of 2016. Sweden had the highest number of active social network users at 6.6 million, but hovered around the same penetration as the other Scandinavian countries at 67 %. Sweden recently came first in a global index compiled by the World Wide Web Foundation, which ranked nations according to internet penetration and the social and political impact of internet access. Norway also ranked in the top ten, coming in at ninth place.

  • All of the Scandinavian countries have a very high percentage of internet connectivity
  • Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social networking sites in Scandinavia
  • Twitter is growing in popularity in Scandinavia. Sweden has been especially innovative with its use of the @Sweden account
  • YouTube is the second most visited site in Scandinavia, with a mixture of brands and individuals as the most popular channels
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