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TOPPAN Digital Language provides a bespoke professional website translation service for small, medium and large businesses.

TOPPAN Digital Language is a global language service provider with plenty of expertise providing professional marketing and website translations, allowing organisations to reach new audiences online.

Our expert language services guarantee accuracy, punctuality, and confidentiality, which is why TOPPAN Digital Language is currently a market leader for translating websites and blog articles, email campaigns and online advertising into over 250 languages.

What does our website translation service involve?

We understand that your website has the potential to connect your business to a global audience, but a poor translation can alienate your target market. Fortunately, our network of 6,000 mother-tongue language experts is equipped with both the linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness to provide accurate and relevant translations for the internet.

Research by EU Eurobarometer found that over half of European internet users were forced to rely on websites that are written in a language that was not their own. Of those surveyed, 44% felt that this was a barrier to truly understanding the online content.

This attitude impacts on business, as only 18% of online Europeans would actually purchase goods and services in a foreign language.

So do not limit your target market, and contact TOPPAN Digital Language to find out how our language experts can help your growing organisation implement an international marketing strategy.

Not only do brands need to translate their content into different languages for the various markets they are targeting, but often content published on their domestic websites is not suitable for international markets. So, companies often need to create website content specifically for these markets.

The best approach to translating your content for international use is often to use a process known as transcreation. Transcreation, or cultural adaptation, involves adapting your online content for use in overseas markets, rather than relying on a literal translation of the source text.

TOPPAN Digital Language has a dedicated transcreation team to help ensure your localised site is perfectly suited to your target audience in any market you decide to expand to. We can offer multilingual copywriting to help you recreate your brand experience for audiences around the world.

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