Multilingual Social Media Monitoring and Management

Keep up to date with what people are saying about your brand in all your markets.

Facebook and Twitter have long been seen by some as a purely social channel with very little actual value to many brands. Among people who recognise the value that social networks can bring to a brand, there is still some confusion about how to maximise the opportunities and monitor activity systematically.

Whether or not your organisation has Facebook and Twitter pages, your customers may well be online and talking about your brand. Companies are increasingly seeing the need to be engaged in social media, in order to represent their brand, and moderate conversations.

When you operate in markets around the world and potentially have customers speaking in a wide variety of languages, multilingual social media monitoring means that you can keep moderating, no matter the region and language.

Multilingual Services

Our network of over 6,000 in-country professionals can help you keep on top of conversations in all the markets where you operate. We build specific teams of linguists for client accounts and ensure that they are well briefed on how to handle your work.

Multilingual Community Management

A challenge most companies face with social media is keeping their online presence up to date and keeping on top of comments and interactions with users. We can help you ensure that social media channels are well managed and any required community interactions dealt with within your brand guidelines. Because our network is flexible, we can do this according to need, expanding and contracting efforts as required. This can involve managing multilingual Facebook communities, tweeting on behalf of your brand, or engaging in customer conversations where required wherever they crop up.

Multilingual Social Media Monitoring

Keeping your own presence up to date is one task. Another is keeping track of the places where your organisations name has come up in online conversations. Although Facebook and Twitter are well trafficked that are many other social media sites out there that it can be difficult to keep on top of. Then you have blogs to consider, which are increasingly used by people to get information on companies.

We can flag and track mentions of your organisation online. Once a mention has been flagged to us we check to understand how your brand is being talked about. We can report these details back to you at given times, and we advise on when you should and shouldn’t join in conversations.

The video below explains the social media and wider internet shift, as of 2009…

The Future of Social Media

Nobody anticipates the social element of the internet to disappear. The uptake and daily activity within social media online suggests that it is here to stay, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, or something new.

Moderation, however, is only likely to increase. Whether you are a government, organisation or individual, your reputation is at stake wherever people talk about you. Increasingly, and indelibly, that is online.

Social Media is also altering how advertisers think about demographics, and those insights could have profound effects on marketing and advertising. The video below was recorded at TEDWomen, December 2010. Johanna Blakley shows some interesting statistics on gender use of social media, and discusses how social media insights are affecting the way advertisers approach traditional demographic groups.

There are several case studies where Social Media has been used to great effect. Dell’s IdeaStorm project is one example which is often referenced, where social media was used not only to engage customers and improve their service, but to improve the company and its products as a whole. Organisations that choose to embrace social media may well be likely to weather more storms and customer dissatisfaction, following Dell’s lead.

We offer social media monitoring and management services for most languages and regions including Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico , Turkey and France, among others.

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