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Quality Above and Beyond

Toppan Digital Language is a certified translation agency with ISO 17100 and is due for ISO 9001:2001 audit. These are international recognised qualities of excellence.

  • ISO 17100: Specifically set up to solve issues of quality within the translation industry. The certificate sets benchmarks for linguist qualifications, translation workflow and provider/client communication procedures.
  • ISO 9001:2001: Ensures the quality assurance processes are clearly clear and that each step of the project is tracked, monitored and scored.

Pharmaceutical Industry Expertise

Toppan Digital Language recognises that there are many different types of companies in the Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Clinical Research Organisations
  • Healthcare Groups
  • Health Economics Groups
  • Medical Devices Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Regulatory Consulting Groups

We also understand that each company has its own set of requirements and that the documents that are required to be translated are different with a few examples below:

  • Pre-Clinical Reports
  • Research Papers
  • CMC Documentation
  • Clinical Trial Agreements
  • ICFs
  • Study Protocols
  • Study Synopses
  • Investigation Brochures
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Marketing Authorization Applications
  • Marketing Materials

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Client Service

Working for an industry is one thing, understanding an industry is completely different. Toppan Digital Language offers dedicated Sales and Project Management teams that are industry trained and available 24/7. They understand the documents you require translating and spot when special procedures must be followed, for example following the QRD template.

Specialist Translators

At Toppan Digital Language we operate on a specific set of rules when it comes to picking your translators. Translators must have five years of industry experience in the sector they are translating and at least three years of translation experience. This principle allows for accurate and problem free translations.

Regulatory Consulting

To ensure that documents comply with Regulatory standards in Europe, North America and Asia Toppan Digital Language has partnered with ERA Consulting. ERA Consulting are Regulatory Affairs experts for the pharmaceutical industry and offer Pharmacoviligance solutions.

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TranslateMedia: the ideal choice for pharmaceutical translation

At Toppan Digital Language, we are members of the Association of Translation Companies and the American Translators Association, so when you choose our pharmaceutical translation services, you can rest assured you’ve chosen a company that prides itself on the quality and accuracy of its completed projects.

We believe that a long-term approach to client relationships gives us the opportunity to provide the best service possible and this guiding principal has given us the opportunity to complete translation, transcription and interpretation projects for leading-name clients who are known around the world.

If you would like to learn more about our pharmaceutical translation services, contact us today. Our friendly and professional team will be happy to discuss your upcoming tasks and provide a quotation or a live demonstration. And be sure to check out the latest translation services news to keep up to date with the most current developments in the pharmaceutical translation industry.

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