French Technical Translation

A very broad range of clients require French technical translations and related linguistic services, each of which demands varying needs in terms of expertise and formats.

Our approach is to treat each client as unique and each project as distinct. That’s why we adapt our service and the teams that work on your account, ensuring that we apply the appropriate technical knowledge and experience to get the results that you require.

We will hand pick a team of professional French translators with exactly the right knowledge and experience to handle your work, placing an emphasis on both accuracy and the level of terminology best suited for your target audience.

We are the ideal company to turn to when it comes to dealing with technical document formats, such as HTML, XML, Framemaker. Our translation tools can strip out all of the translateable text from any coding and formatting to allow our French translators to focus just on translation, thus ensuring that none of the code or formatting is disrupted.

Our experience in French technical translation includes working for clients in the following fields:

French is one of the most widely translated languages in the world (both as a source language and as a target language). And given the extensive amount of work that we do with the French language, we benefit enormously from having one of our main offices in Paris.

While this means that many of our French linguists are located in France, we have a large number of French interpreters and translators dispersed around the rest of the globe as well. Together with the global presence of our project management teams, this means that we can be a tremendous asset to you when it comes to projects with tight turnaround requirements.




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