French Manual Translation

It’s important to remember that inaccurate inaccuracies in the French translations of your product’s manual will undermine the reputation not only of your product but your company as well.   

TOPPAN Digital Language makes every effort to ensure that your manuals are translated correctly and consistently, both from and into French. Our translation memory tools make a big difference to costs and turnarounds for the translations of manuals from French, and we have a great deal of experience in translating these technical documents in a wide variety of complex formats and interchange formats.

Our French translation teams are customised to meet the specific background knowledge that your manual requires. We source our translators from a wide variety of fields, assigning your work to only those translators who possess the required level of experience and expertise.

French is one of the most widely translated languages in the world (both as a source language and as a target language). And given that we as an agency work extensively with the French language, we have benefitted enormously from having an one of our main offices in Paris.

Although this means that many of our French interpreters and translators are located in France, we have a large number of French linguists dispersed around the rest of the globe also. And with the similarly global presence of our global project management teams, we have all time zones covered – meaning there is not an hour of the day where we cannot be there to assist you. This allows us to be a tremendous asset to you when it comes to projects that have tight turnaround requirements.



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